Words…or the lack of them

She had been preparing for it for weeks. She had gone over it a million times in her head. The outfit, accessories, shoes, and demeanor were all too well rehearsed. But the look in her eyes gave her away.

She stated her point over her favorite piece of dessert, which did little to shield her trembling lower lip. He usually read her well. Today was no exception. He was just too shocked at the brazenness of it all. Or maybe he was taken aback by her courage. He was willing to forgive her for an act she wouldn’t forgive herself for.

She averted her eyes, allowing him little scope to make amends. She wished he’d stop. But he wasn’t prepared to give in just yet. He tried reasoning out with her with the usual tactics – begging for more time, more space, even a trial separation of sorts. She would have none of it.

Infidelity, he could live with. Maybe even throw in a few lies along with that. Those were easier to deal with than the truth anyway. His eyes betrayed his discomfiture, while he continued uttering futile words.

For two people who had come together in a language class, it was rather strange that they sought cues from everything else but each other’s words.



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