His words often stung. But they almost always brought me back on earth.

The biggest critic was also a big source of solace. He heard me out on days when most around me wouldn’t.  But he also didn’t hesitate in stating his opinions, blunt as they were. There was/is little place for sentimentality in his life. His practical-minded nature expected as much from his near and dear ones.

I aspire to be him one day. Subconsciously, I also seek his approval. At the same time, I also love to contradict him. The sadist in me is constantly out to prove him wrong. But he is way too informed and well-read for me.

Few things held us together. Hatred for deception was one of them. Both abhorred false pretences. But somewhere along the way, I had crossed over to the other side. In trying to find him, I had lost myself.



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