Lessons in love

I was always harsh with him. And he only had kindness for me.

To most, he was a bundle of joy. To me, he was a nuisance, always getting into my way. But he always displayed affection for me, when I was capable of expressing none. He eyed my medicines, stuffed toys and shoes. I’d often open one eye to see him hover over me like a protective grandmother. He didn’t understand the concept of space. Every place became his playground. And I was reduced to expending my vocal chords.

One afternoon, I saw him sprawled on the carpet just as I was stepping out of a shower. It was just the two of us at home and he was concerned that I’d be lonely. It didn’t matter that I usually dismissed his presence.

In that one moment and gesture, I realized the meaning of unconditional love. That ball of fur was more than a pet dog. He was an unwavering member of the family. I had been quite blind.



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