They were silent on the ride back home. He was tired after a sleepless night and a 12-hour day at work. She was restless because he was quiet and she lacked the words. Silences usually comforted her. But not today. He was lost in his world while she was busy trying to make sense of hers.

They hadn’t fought recently. It might have helped if they had. An outburst would have cleared the air. A cry would have cleansed her system. Making up after the fight would have also been nice.

They weren’t particularly unhappy. Just tired of the pretensions they had to put up with.

Forty minutes into the drive, the silence threatened to explode. She sat there with her fists almost clenched. She hadn’t started out being angry. But now she was. He was sharp enough to pick up that signal. He sensed the anger when he should have perceived the aloofness instead.

Awkward as it maybe, it was a definite start.



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