A tale of two cousins

We bonded over cheesecake. I am also often scolded that I encouraged a cheesecake monster.

He was shocked the first time he saw me binge on cheesecake. I had almost thrown a tantrum to obtain it and he was slightly taken aback to see me behave like that. He couldn’t understand the big fuzz over a small piece of dessert. He also didn’t understand the fuzz when I refused to share the last piece of my cheesecake with anybody, the night before I moved away from home. He simply said I was spoilt. I didn’t respond.

Idle curiosity on a summer holiday prompted him to sample a tiny bite of that heavenly dessert. And he flipped. Totally fell head-over-heels in love with it. That changed the equation of our relationship forever. From being cousins, we had become allies in the search of the perfect cheesecake.

Our tastes are very specific. He likes it set. I like it baked, with a scoop of ice-cream. It has to be either that or nothing.

Mention a cheesecake outing and see our faces light up with joy. That’s how we like to remember each other. Therefore, it would be of little surprise to note that our conversation openings mention cheesecake before we inquire about each other.



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