On wheels

He heard of Inorbit mall often. From my grandmother, every time she went grocery shopping. From my cousins, coz they couldn’t get enough of the food court there. From my aunts, when they stopped going to town to shop. For most people living in Malad, there will always be a pre-Inorbit and post-Inorbit era in their lives.

He often wondered how a mall could change the lifestyles of so many. He longed to see it for himself. But walking a few steps unaided itself was an ordeal. How would he navigate three levels on foot? But my grandfather was pretty determined. He reminded us of the impending visit often.

The availability of wheel chairs at the mall presented the perfect solution. One Sunday morning, our thirteen-member family set for the mall, determined to make this a memorable day for my grandfather.

He was like an excited five-year-old child left loose in a candy store. He had loads of questions and observations. It was like discovering the mall all over again.

The big brands all faded away into the background. And for once, the food court held little attraction. We were too busy seeing my grandfather smile.



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