Of mehendi, coke float and childhood memories

I visited a part of my childhood last week. Twas a roomful of my maasis and we reminisced all day. More like three days. They took me to the playground, mothered me when I sat on the swings and fed me lunch when I had mehendi on my hands. I had become a thirteen-year-old.

It was a maasi’s much-awaited wedding. But more than that, it was a family reunion. Faces I hadn’t seen for months, memories I hadn’t touched upon for years, all came flooding back to me. It even included an assortment of cousins that I got reacquainted with.

Much bonding happened over coke floats coz regular vanilla was too drab. The cousins had a ball preparing them. One of them got offended when she didn’t get a chance to prepare it for anyone.

There were sleepless nights and aching feet. Much laughter and glee.



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