Happy reminiscences

I am a big hoarder. (Hoping to make it “was” one of these days). I hoard scraps of papers, pieces of cloth and tons of memories.  It is heartbreaking when the mother insists I should downsize. And I can never conjure up a logical response to that.

Today, I cleaned out 18 years of my childhood memories. Greeting cards I had longed tucked away, dusty post-it notes and other tokens of my childhood. A stuffed dog that I held onto when I was scared of the dark,  a piece of wood I had foraged from a neighbor for a craft project in school and cardboard sheets that I’d hoped to place on the fake currency notes of my once-favorite board game.

It was an afternoon I was dreading. And much to my surprise, it went off quite well.

The fingers were a little hesitant in the beginning. But as I held each item in my hand, it brought back a flood of memories and those egged me further. I lingered a little while longer on certain memories while I happily trashed some of the others.

All in all, it was an afternoon of happy reminiscences.



  1. Runjoo

    It’s like you wrote my thoughts…really lovely. I am exactly like that, i used to have every single letter which anyone had ever written; my mom made me throw it all away once. But I still have a bagful of cards/notes/random scraps which mean the world.

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