Gifting was not his forte. He was a sweet and sensitive soul, never shying from demonstrating his love. But he came up with very clichéd, predictable gifts.

Jewellery, coz women seem to like it and want it. Cosmetics, coz girls love dressing up and applying make-up. Chocolates, coz they are usually a safe option. But he avoided flowers with a vengeance. He had even warned her, “Do not ask/expect flowers from me on a birthday or an anniversary. You will be quite disappointed, I assure you.”

Fortunately, she didn’t care much for flowers either.

What she hated was that he chose to express his affection through meaningless pieces of metal glued together or some chemical junk that fabricated beauty. She got upset, irritable and annoyed while the chocolates usually calmed her down.

Occasionally, he’d try to make amends. But mostly, it infuriated him. He wasn’t petty but he’d have liked to be appreciated. A few times after being scarred, he learnt to keep it simple. Junk jewellery, coz it made her smile; hairclips, coz they gave him reason to reach out and pull them off her hair to see her grimace; and hand-written notes, coz nothing made her happier.  She was a tough cookie to please!



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