A little bunch of memories

I hate shopping. Absolutely detest it. It tires me out and tests my patience. Therefore, I should have been indifferent to the presence of Inorbit in Malad. But I am not. I have tons of memories there. Not necessarily shopping, but family bonding, birthday celebrations, gifts, movies, ice-cream trips, etc.

Birthday celebrations usually begin at Inorbit with a movie or an ice-cream (Naturals) or another quick dessert. The mother knows just the food items to get in order to soothe the ruffled feathers. Shopping for Rakhi gifts is always a hurried affair, albeit an enjoyable one. And of course last-minute birthday gifts, thanks to procrastination.

We ate at Pizza Hut one evening to make up for the fact that my parents went gift shopping without me. A blueberry cheese slice from Bread Talk usually helps keep the cheesecake craving at bay. Stepping into Crossword transports me to a simpler time in life. It brings the memory of books, service entrances and the joys of a first job.

A family lunch on a Sunday at Rajdhani, numerous meets at Barista and last-minute shopping for formal clothes. I stopped traveling to town and went to Inorbit instead.

I was never a mall-rat. But it’s difficult to let go when that place means so much to me.



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