I am no fan of aerated drinks. But I enjoy an occasional Sprite or Thums Up (with rock salt). On a sunny afternoon, I’ll even settle for a Diet Coke in case there isn’t anything else. I’m not picky like that. But a distant aunt opined otherwise.

“You can have all the Diet Cokes you want after you’ve had your babies.” Yes, I have heard that piece of information before. Some of it makes sense to me as well. I understand the consequences of Diet Coke. Rather I understand that it’s not too good for health and leave it at that. But to say that it’s okay to subject my body to that once I’ve had all my babies is just plain disrespect for an individual.

My life and body mean nothing once I’ve given birth to a child in an already-overpopulated world. Heck, I’m not even married yet. And you’re telling me to go have a baby just so I can enjoy a Diet Coke without guilt.

Two days prior to that conversation, she enlightened me that maybe marriage doesn’t have to be the be-all and end-all of women in my generation. Having a career and being independent is just as good enough. And they tell me mine is a confused generation!



  1. a traveller

    O em gee, you’re not even married yet?!

    Did I ever tell you about the colleague who stopped drinking tea when she was pregnant because she wanted her son to be fair? I’m going to have the darkest kids ever. And not just because of their genes.

  2. Sue Ghosh

    Wow. I hate how most people in India still think marriage and having babies is all an Indian woman should live for. I know that your aunt and other people who think like her can never be made to realise how ‘narrow’ their views are, but I still try to get my opinion across 🙂

    • crimsonshadows

      I’m glad you stand up to get your point across.
      Making them realize is a pointless effort. Stopped trying a while ago. Now I look at them and merely smile to myself.

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