Thoughts on a Writer

I was indifferent to Five Point Someone. I found One Night at the Call Center OTT. 3 Mistakes of my life was a cliché. But I absolutely loved Two States. The lesser said about the movies, the better.

The author I intensely dislike. Didn’t really care much for him until he was shoved into my face each time I went close to the Indian fiction shelves in a bookshop. That overwhelming presence coupled with the new generation of mediocre chick-lit disgusts me. While I appreciate that he made writing accessible and that his books have spawned a new bunch of writers, the banality is nauseating.

Bhagat has, on numerous occasions, derided the India education system when he himself is a product of the top institutes of the country. It is easy to preach and talk patriotism but how often does he “walk the talk”?

I guess our generation is too starved of real role-models that we glorify a bestselling author to the extent that we do. He is, at best, an armchair philosopher.


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