I saw her almost every other Saturday. And the relationship was purely transactional. I had heard about her from a cousin and met her with great skepticism. But she was warm and friendly. And over the weeks, it got easier to talk to her.

Occasionally, there was the odd SOS call. Gradually she also began to recognize my number. A piece of my heart warmed up when she took my name before I had had a chance to identify myself on the phone one afternoon. This weekend she said she’d see me at home if I could make it.

She was warmer than I remembered. More chatty, she lingered on to make small talk. She asked me my age and if I was considering marriage. She didn’t quite wait for my answer. She just advised that I should be. She explained her reasons and I seemed to agree with her. There was little I could contradict her with and I realized I didn’t even want to. I nodded meekly and left.

I informed the mother about this conversation a few hours later and she only said, “I’ve been trying to explain those very same things to you for so long. But if you’d rather hear it from someone else, so be it!”

Those words had come from a friend, an ally and a doctor. She had no hidden agendas. Therefore, it was easier to believe her.



  1. a traveller

    Hmmm. Too many people I know have had doctors tell them “if you’d married and had kids by now, this wouldn’t have happened.”

    I realise they’re right, biologically, but it can be a very insensitive thing to say, given some of the scenarios in which this was said.

    Very different from hearing it from an ally, as you put it.

    • crimsonshadows

      I agree about the insensitive bit. Heart goes out to those folks.

      This was just a oh-btw conversation I had with her post the consultation. Which is why I cherish it.

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