Damsel past distress

She doesn’t remember when it stopped pricking. No clue about the “how” either. Her memory, which was partial to dates and events, had let her down. But for once, she wasn’t complaining.

At some point, her tears had dried up and she wasn’t able to elicit anymore. Falling asleep every night got easier. And she smiled more. Her eyes lost that distant, faraway look about them and dripped with happiness.

Getting over a heartbreak would be fairly simple she thought. It was. She only hadn’t bargained the time and space she’d need.

The city was her friend and ally, only too happy to embrace her again. She reconciled with the mirror in her wardrobe. And she rediscovered the joys of dance and karaoke. She never understood the meaning of letting go. She just remembered that it didn’t hurt anymore. Caffeine did not induce guilt, chicken was off the menu and chocolate was never off-limits.

Yes, she would notice the date occasionally while doing some mundane tasks. Even smile wistfully at a certain memory.  But she had kept the lesson and discarded the ache.



  1. Sohini

    Someone once said, “After a heartbreak, cry so much that you get bored of tears.. Cry so much that every drop of tear dries up within you.. cry so much that it tires you to blissful slumber every night..”
    I don’t know who said it to whom or when.. but these words keep ringing in my ears.. in my soul may be.. Don’t know whether I said it to myself or…

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