Comfort in a bond

It was an unlikely friendship. I cannot pinpoint that exact moment we became friends. Heck, there is little I remember of her from our days in college even. Ask me specifics about her and I’ll have trouble recollecting the year she graduated and the classes she attended. But I know what she’s been up to lately, the stuff she’s been reading and the places she is visiting.

Yes, we traveled together during the annual college trips. But I have little memory of that either. It’s usually safer to take her word on that. What I hold very dear is the bond we shared post-college. A common news feed on Facebook also worked in our favor.

We’d constantly swap links that we thought made for interesting reading. Often while discussing those, a nugget of personal information would also spill past. And then our brains, with a penchant for filing away the mundane only to retrieve it in the future, took care of the rest.

We began exchanging emails, coz we thought phone calls would be a little too intrusive initially. The conversations extended to coffee dates, every few weeks. But we still didn’t use the phone as often. We still don’t. Both agree that it is a device only meant to notify the parents of your whereabouts, coordinate plans with a friend or inform a colleague if you happen to be late for work. For everything else, there is the Internet.

There was little we knew of each other’s personal lives.  It never struck us to enquire either. We reached out for each other when we felt that we hadn’t spoken for a while. That “while” varied from a few days to a few months. It is a comfortable friendship. And I use friendship for the lack of a better bond.



  1. Mimansa

    Well. I usually do not reply because i do not feel like killing the feel with my comment. Here I just had to. You’ve put it so nicely. 🙂
    *hugs* to you too 🙂

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