The art of giving

We called her Badi Bhua. She insisted I call her nani. She found it more endearing. I had little reason to decline. It was one of the few things she asked out of me coz for as long as I can remember she has only given. We don’t speak very often. But she never fails to wish me on my birthday, even if it’s via a text message at 10 pm, signing off as Nani.

She gifted me one of my very first hand bags when I got to college. Her paintings adorn a wall in every room at home. And she makes the best pani puri and khopra pak I’ve eaten.  The festival of Rakhi feels incomplete without those two items.

I remember visiting her house one weekend morning, clad in night-clothes (I must have been about eight) because someone happened to be going that side of town. I was severely admonished to put on something more respectable before stepping out of the house. But when have I listened to anybody! She was mighty surprised to see me and also very happy. She enveloped me into a warm hug, insisted I gulp down a big glass of chocolate-laced milk and sent me off with chocolates in both my pockets. She never visits me empty-handed. She even inquires with my mom, before-hand, if she can get me something that I’ll probably use, instead of gifting me something frivolous.

She crams her heart and soul into everything she does. Someday, I want to be her.



  1. Sudhamshu

    That is something my mother is popular for — Gifts. Every vacation, visit to a family member cannot be complete without her purchasing gifts for everyone. The elders who are quite well off now find it irksome, but the people in our village love her for that. And as is evident from your post, kids love such people and remember them for very long.

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