140 characters

@CruciFire would vehemently argue that 140 characters could turn lives around. I would equally vehemently disagree. Partially out of habit, partially because I remained unconvinced. Jay would always gracefully change the subject. He didn’t want to ruin our lunch routine. But he’d also persist every few days. Egg biryani was replaced with idli vada and dal-khichdi with theplas, but we failed to see eye-to-eye.

Until one afternoon when I came across one such life-altering tweet. I wasn’t out there seeking a new job or a change in profession. I was happily employed, or so I thought. But the job listing was tempting. I hit apply, after much deliberation. Only testing waters I said. The mother warned me, I said I wanted to give it a shot. She decided to let me be.

Two months later, I found myself handing in a resignation letter. It was heart-breaking and bittersweet and all that. But in that deluge of emotion, I could only remember his words, “One hundred and forty characters can change your life. Do not underestimate them.”

A year and more later, his words still hold ground. Thank you Jay!



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