The father was keen that I share this here (in his words):

There was an oldish lady seated next to me in an early morning Bombay-Chandigarh flight. She mentioned that she had just been swindled by one of those black and yellow cab drivers on her way to the airport. He picked her up from her house in Four Bungalows and headed to the domestic airport. A little into the journey, he politely enquired if he could drop off one of his friends on the way. She saw little objection in that. As the cab approached the erstwhile Centaur Hotel, now Sahara Star, the driver turned around and requested her to give him change for a 1000 rupee note. He specifically asked for two 500 rupee notes. He said that he needed to give  it to that friend of his before he dropped him off.

The woman once again obliged. She dug into her handbag to retrieve what she is very certain were two 500 rupee notes. He took the notes from her hand but a minute he turned back around to dispute that those notes were not 500 rupee notes but in fact 100 rupee notes. He asked for additional 800 rupees. She was a little taken aback but she trusted his judgment. After a little deliberation she handed that out.

The friend got off at the traffic signal and the two proceeded to the airport. Once inside the airport, the woman made a careful analysis of the money in her wallet and realized that she had indeed been duped. What she has initially handed out were two 500 rupee notes. So she had lost those and an additional 800 rupees. She was now even doubtful of the authenticity of that 1000 rupee note the cabbie had given her.

Not exactly a great start to the week!



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