New beginnings

His email was a random surprise. A pleasant surprise. They were friends, yes. But not email buddies yet. The fact that he wrote meant a lot to her. More than the actual contents of the email.

He confessed that the subject of marriage flummoxed him. He admitted being terrified and how he could not shake off that nagging feeling that maybe he was letting his folks down. He felt guilty for making them wait so long for that one of the few things they had ever asked out of him. He called it taking advantage of their love for him.

He worried about a girl he was yet to meet. But her presence, rather the shadow of her presence, never left him. There was some misplaced guilt because as he put it, “There will be this person in my life, who will have left everything she knows and holds dear for the last quarter of a century (maybe more), for me.” He already felt burdened with responsibility. Responsibility towards a girl he was yet to meet.

He laid bare his insecurities to her. Unsolicited. She didn’t object. She just read him with a quiet understanding. She saw, what he had missed in his own agitated state of mind. She saw new beginnings.



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