For a few moments every week, I allow myself the luxury of slipping into a make-believe world where you and I can pretend that the rest of the world ceases to exist, where I can pretend that you are mine, only mine. I imagine a time when your time becomes ours and we become us.

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  1. sudhamshu

    I imagine it too. And imagine things that I would say when that time comes. Of how we will stop the clocks and ignore the world. But when the time arrives, memories are buried by anxiety; words are muted by silence. The world closes in faster than I would like. And imagination remains imagination. Alas.

  2. Harish aka Harry

    He says, when I enter your world, I am amazed by the way you have arranged things. The things & the thoughts entice me but when I try and get into it, I am pushed away from it. All I want is the key to your world which is not restrictive only to you.

    Any typos? My mobile says sorry.

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