Reprimanding. Being Possessive. Loving.

A realization.

Every once in a while, the interwebs will delight you with a sublime piece of writing that you think was written exclusively for you. I felt that Don’t Make Your Children the Exception to Every Rule in the New York Times was one such article. It read as if the mother had specifically commissioned the writer to do this.

The mother has exacting standards. Discipline is her favorite word. Punctuality is her preferred mantra. And a commitment means the world to her. She thrives on rules. The written, the unwritten, the said, the unsaid.

I complain that she is very very strict with me. She probably takes that as a compliment. “You’ll thank me for it, someday!” And then she’ll add in a softer tone, “Look, I don’t know why we are pitted against each other as mother and daughter. I dislike it as much as you do. But I feel compelled. And don’t expect me to be apologetic for that.”

I keep hoping that she will soften the blows at some point. But her expectations rise with each passing day, month and year. I’m older now so I must be more responsible, conscientious and mature in how I conduct myself. Some days, I pass. Most days, I flail. Leading to yet another boiling point…Continue reading

*First published on Parentous.


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