Playing Mommy

Role reversal.

A few months ago, at a wedding reception, I found myself playing mommy to the mother. I didn’t intentionally start out doing so. But she asked me to get her some pasta, prepared according to specific instructions. I then followed it up with dessert, to the extent that I even cut up the pieces of the kulfi for her. And then, I made sure that she had a few sips of water post the dessert, even unscrewing the bottle before handing it over to her, followed by a tissue.

I don’t quite know what she made of all this ceremony, but I was glad that she indulged me. Perhaps, she was humoring me; perhaps, she genuinely enjoyed it.

On some days, I also find myself reprimanding her. She must put her dupatta in place and not let it sweep the floor. She must remember not to scold me in public. She must not be so gullible and allow herself to be taken for a ride. I’ll admit that I rather enjoy doing this. Not out of malice or to settle scores. But just so that she knows that I’m on her side. That while we rarely hug each other, I will always look out for her…Continue reading

*First published on Parentous.


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