A Few Words About Shoes

About the best friend and some shoes

I attended the best friend’s wedding this past weekend. I was seeing her after a year and a half. I remember sitting with her on the rocks at a beach one evening at sunset, discussing her then boyfriend, now husband. Perhaps only the universe knew that the next time I’d meet her, with her soon-to-be in-laws at an airport. So metaphoric of our relationship.

She saw me before I did. Reached out for a hug before I knew it was her. And suddenly the months slipped away. Our many broken, incomplete, fragmented conversations faded into insignificance as I reciprocated her joy. We had become two giggly teenagers, all over again.

Yet something had changed. The casual baggy clothes and worn out Kolhapuri chappals had made way for to silk kurtas and strappy sandals. Trendy handbags had replaced our treasured jholas. I was wearing silver hoops, her fingers held a shiny rock.

Watching her sit daintily for her mehendi that evening reminded me of something I had written a while ago on friendship and shoes.
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*First published on Parentous.


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