First Loves

My maiden post for The Earrings Project!

As far as I can remember, I’ve hated jewelry. Some of my bitterest fights with the mother and grandmother have been about that. They wish I wore more. I can’t wait to divest it all. The mother has mostly come to terms with it. But the one thing she will not concede on is earrings. I cannot leave home without them. She is a little superstitious like that. And so like I run a comb through my hair and gargle with mouthwash each time I step out of home, I also slip on a pair of earrings.

Junk jewelry. And only earrings. That’s our middle ground. The parents gifted me my first set in a parcel shipped to the boarding school when I hit the teens. They were tiny silver heart-shaped droplets. Very light, very dainty. It was love at first sight. And a love I never tired of.

Since then I’ve only worn junk jewelry. The more valuable stuff has been relegated to the mother’s collection. Mine only consists of colorful trinkets picked up from random places, most on a whim; a few that I went in careful search of.

Unfortunately, I lost one half of that first pair soon after I returned home. The “how” eludes me today. The ache persists. Over the years, I have come across numerous silver heart-shaped beauties but nothing comes close to the ones that ignited this love.

*First published here.


  1. Keirthana

    Ah! How I love earrings! I have a miniature junkyard in my dressing draw just for them. They lay there scattered in multi-colors as everyday I choose one of them. I am a sucker for artificial jewelry.

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