A Peace Offering

Another post for The Earrings Project

They are not the prettiest pair I possess. Not my favourite either. But they are pretty goddamn special. The grandmother received these beauties, gift-wrapped in golden, at a mehendi function. And when her aging fingers pried them open, she smiled. She knew she had found the perfect peace offering to placate me.

We had been in a cold war of sorts the last few weeks. And I wasn’t willing to relent. Until I set my eyes on this exquisiteness and beamed wide. Perhaps she does know me more than she’s willing to admit.

I’m yet to wear them. In wait for an appropriate occasion. And perhaps a new outfit!

*First published here.



  1. Keirthana

    These look lovely! I have a slightly similar pair that had an antique look about it which made me go I-must-have-this-now and I bought it after a heavy but necessary haggling with the vendor 🙂

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