Fate, Faith and a Pair of Earrings

Another post for The Earrings Project.

Sometimes, things are set into motion long before you and I can fathom. When these pretty droplets were being made, I probably didn’t even know the person who gifted them to me. They weren’t even purchased keeping me in mind. They were bought on a whim at a small market in Rajasthan. They were stored in a small crinkly plastic bag, along with another pair, meant to gift to acquaintances as a small token of remembrance.

But one afternoon when I professed my love for junk jewelry, specifically earrings, the person promptly reached out for a crinkly plastic bag in the recesses of a wooden cupboard and asked me to pick, red or green.

I picked these. Because I had been wanting such a shade for as long as I can remember (never mind that I keep saying this all the time).

They are not perfect. But they mark a special moment in time, reinforcing the belief that what is meant to find you, most certainly will. Mostly when you’re least expecting it.

*First published here.


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