Let’s Cheat!

Feelings are a double-edged sword. Often just like the weather. Fluctuating, drifting, flip-flopping. Yes, being happy is exhausting. And sometimes, we are our own worst enemies. In a world heavily split between black and white, the grey beckons. Perhaps, it’s time to blur the lines. The world demands conformity. You crave to break away. But you forget that the roads that take you away from home also eventually lead you back.

Band-aids don’t heal a bruised spirit. And you wonder if there’s a hospice for souls. The heart is brittle. And hope is fragile. We yearn for some faith to glue it together. Faith flickers. It must be nurtured. Let it rest on a cause.

Remember, some causes are more equal than others. Adopt yours wisely. Or let it come find you. Expel the doubts, break the clutter, banish the fear. You’ll be rewarded handsomely.

Let’s cheat on our fears!


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