Choose Your Escape

The blades of time are sharp, and we’re all in the same game. Knee-deep. Just grappling different devils. You’re not happy. But you’re not unhappy either. Perhaps, Robert Frost said it best when he said that the journey and the route make all the difference. We step away from the herd. We may be going on the same journey, but our maps are all different. Sure, they intersect for a bit, but no two paths ever run completely parallel to each other.

Time and again, we choose to break free from the ignominy of the nameless and the aimless. Loneliness and silence are our constant companions. And the real challenge lies in finding what’s yours. Choose your escape.

Freedom isn’t free. But our choices are. The choice to either be right or be happy! And choose we must. For choices are all we have.


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