Talking To The Universe

I hoard things. Clothes, handbags, shoes, earrings, receipts, memories, etc. And lately, gadgets and the paraphernalia that comes along with them. Charging cords, adaptors, manuals, et al. Even cords that don’t function anymore. Haven’t for five years. One of those cords beckoned me. I had abandoned it a few years ago when it failed to charge my beloved iPod. And I knew it was time to recycle it. The hoarder in me resisted. On a whim, I plugged in the iPod using this cord, and it was working!

I was now stuck with multiple cords for the same device. And for a hoarder that’s a good place to be. Only I was learning to let go. So one afternoon, I found myself throwing a random wish into the universe. Let me find someone who will have more use for this cord than I presently do. I remember uttering these words, and then going about my day. I didn’t pore over the phrasing, fret over the timing or get all worked up over the logistics of how. I simply left it to the higher forces that be.

That evening, long past dinner and dessert, I found myself scrolling through my Facebook feed. There were a few GIFs I mooned over, a few links I saved for later and then I came across a friend’s post soliciting a charging cord for an older model of the iPod. I read the post three times. Twice, in disbelief. The third time, aloud to the husband.

Five minutes later, the friend and I had a deal!



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