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Book Review | A Perfect New York Christmas

Title: A Perfect New York Christmas
Author: Sudesna Ghosh
Pages: 50
Price: INR 99

51lx9shli8lA Perfect New York Christmas by Sudesna Ghosh is a warm, fuzzy Christmas read on friendship, love and New York City. Aditi visits New York, a city she had left a decade ago, for a Christmas sojourn to meet her best friend and perhaps an old love. But more importantly, she craves the perfect New York Christmas. And this is a trifecta she cannot resist.

New York City is the hero of the tale. Times Square, Central Park, the cafes, Ghosh paints them all beautifully, and with a tinge of nostalgia. Not regret.

A Perfect New York Christmas is also a beautiful portrayal of friendships among women. A theme I also noticed in her previous book, My Singapore Fling.

However, the book left me wanting. There is excitement, anticipation and passion but I felt that everything happens just too smoothly and easily. No conflict, no self-doubt, no anxiety. I admire Aditi’s boldness but she felt a little too perfect and unreal. Perhaps, a little too sure of herself and what she seeks. It is partially refreshing because there is little drama and theatrics but it also reads a little bland in a few instances.

A Perfect New York Christmas is slightly different from Ghosh’s previous books but it showcases what she is most passionate about: pets, writing, make up accessories, friendships and lastly, New York.

It is the type of feel-good read that you want to curl up with on a cold afternoon under a quilt, while sipping some hot chocolate and munching on cookies.

Ghosh’s previous titles include:

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Book Review | My Singapore Fling

My Singapore FlingTitle: My Singapore Fling
Author: Sudesna Ghosh
Pages: 84
Price: INR 99

My Singapore Fling by Sudesna Ghosh is a contemporary, fast-paced and engaging read on modern dating in India and its woes. You will meet Dipa, a 30-something Bengali, Kolkata-based writer. She’s had her share of heartbreaks and now seeks a fun, meaningless, no-strings attached fling. And so she travels to the island city of Singapore in search of an accent. Yes, an accent. Because she is crazy about men with British and Australian accents!

What struck me about My Singapore Fling the most that it is very Indian in its setting and context. And is devoid of any guilt or judgement. Dipa seeks a fling, and she is extremely honest about it to herself and gal pals. No covering up of the intentions or motives. Ghosh’s writing also lays bare the many insecurities that women must come to terms with in a changing India today. Do not also miss the strong emphasis on the importance of your gal pals. Across countries and time zones.

The word hedonism often came to mind while flipping the pages, and I was left with a silent smile. Because Ghosh often articulates a women’s oft ignored dreams and desires. Dipa is very clear about she wants, and her honesty is refreshing. With My Singapore Fling, I was often reminded of Bridget Jones and Sophie Kinsella.

I also had a hidden agenda. I’ve read two of Ghosh’s previous titles: News Now – Being A TV Journalist and What Would I Tell Her @ 13 and was curious to trace her evolution as a writer. And My Singapore Fling made me feel all warm and fuzzy within.

I’d say the book is best enjoyed with a dessert and beverage of your choice. And I know what I’m gifting my gal pals next!

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Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a girl who bumped into a very interesting guy in a bookstore at the billing counter. They got talking. But he was in a rush and they didn’t get a chance to exchange numbers. Worse, she couldn’t locate him online on any of the social networks. A friend decided to play Cupid and set her up on a blind date instead. To her own surprise, she agreed. She met the date at a café by the beach and surprise, surprise; it was the guy from the bookstore. Perhaps, a coincidence she thought. Nevertheless, she took that as a sign and it became evident that he did too, after a few conversations.  “So we can make it work, if we decide to not disappear again, she said with a smile.

My questions, your silence

I’ve met you in the pages of the romance novel I intend to write to someday. I’ve met you in the numerous sunsets on the top of a mountain, with only me for company. But mostly I met you here.

I’ve tried being in touch with you but for reasons best known to you, you’ve chosen to remain distant. Yes, I have been told how demanding I am.

In sufficient time, I might have reached out for you with greater alacrity, even inching toward physical intimacy. The kind where you reach out mid-conversation to whip away a stray eyelash from the cheek and rest your fingers longer than necessary.

But I’m tiring of the wait, my questions and your silence.